Anderson .Paak – “Tints” (Feat. Kendrick Lamar) Video

A couple of weeks ago, the fast-ascending California funkateer Anderson .Paak announced the impending release of his new album Oxnard, and he also shared the new single “Tints,” a squelchy, high-stepping lament about all the people who bother him in public now that he’s famous. And Kendrick Lamar rapped on it, thus ensuring that it would help make Anderson .Paak even more famous. Today, that same song gets a video.

Frequent Kendrick collaborator Colin Tilley directed the “Tints” video, and it’s a profoundly silly one. As the video opens, a girl tells .Paak that she wants an honest, open relationship. And then .Paak flashes back on his past. In that flashback, .Paak gets kidnapped, stuffed into a trunk, and possibly murdered? He also gets into BDSM, drag-racing, lighting people on fire, and spending time with webcam sex workers. All of this is, naturally, presented as comedy.

It’s a genuinely fun video, and it’s got an appearance from Kendrick as he’s hanging out with the Grim Reaper and a quick cameo from early Anderson .Paak booster Dr. Dre. Right now, sadly, the video is an Apple Music exclusive. If you’re all paid up and signed in, you can watch it here. If not, here’s a preview:

UPDATE: Here’s the YouTube.

Oxnard is out 11/16 on Aftermath.