Rapsody – “Sojourner” (Feat. J. Cole)

A year ago, the North Carolina rapper Rapsody released the tough, incisive album Laila’s Wisdom, taking her place within the long lineage of thoughtful and introspective Southern rappers. She’s not quite a star yet, but she has the respect and admiration of stars like her occasional collaborator Kendrick Lamar, who rapped on her song “Power.” And now she’s once again teamed up with another big star — her fellow North Carolina rap thinker J. Cole.

Cole has the first verse on Rapsody’s new single “Sojourner,” named for the 19th-century abolitionist Sojourner Truth. (You guys already know that, right? I don’t have to explain it? Honestly, I have no idea what everyone learns in history class anymore.) The song is a slow, self-assured slap, and it’s got a strong verse from Cole and then a couple of even-stronger ones from Rapsody.

The song’s classic head-nodder lope of a beat comes from another North Carolina guy, Rapsody’s frequent collaborator 9th Wonder. It’ll appear on Jamla Is the Squad II, the forthcoming compilation from 9th’s Jamla label. Right now, the song is only on Apple Music and Tidal. But if you’re signed into Apple, you can hear it below.

Jamla Is The Squad II is out 11/9.

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