Watch Mike D & Ad-Rock Talk Beastie Boys, Clubbing As Children, & Boom Boxes On Fallon

This past week, the former Beastie Boys members Michael Diamond and Adam Horowitz — Mike D and the King Ad-Rock, to most of us — published their long-awaited memoir Beastie Boys Book. They’ve been out on the promo trail around the book, telling great anecdotes in the excerpts that were published early. And last night, they were the guests on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon, like any white guy of his generation with any modicum of taste, is a massive Beastie Boys fan, so the following dorkout was about what you might expect.

On the show, the surviving Beasties, who did not dress in Halloween costumes, told a few stories about their past. They talked about going out to clubs in New York when they were way too young to go out to clubs. They talked about being in the room when Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith recorded Walk This Way together. (This involved arguing about which Aerosmith song was the biggest Aerosmith song, and none of them mentioned the actual biggest Aerosmith song, which is “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing.”) They talked about a prank that the late Adam Yauch played on Adam Horowitz, which lasted 15 years.

The whole time, the Beasties told their stories in tangents and random asides, basically showing why it took so long for them to get the book together. Mix Master Mike played Ed McMahon. Fallon showed a video of himself lip-syncing “So What’cha Want” in his house when he was in high school. And Fallon gifted the Beasties with boom boxes and mixtapes that ?uestlove had made for both of them. Watch the whole interview below.

As it happens, last night’s Tonight Show was pretty much entirely based around New York culture. Desus & Mero were the other guests, and the musical guest represented a very different generation of New York rap. This was Harlem’s Sheck Wes, who dressed like the Undertaker and performed “Mo Bamba” on a fake basketball court. Here’s that performance:

Beastie Boys Book is out now, and someone in your family will probably buy it for you for Christmas. Ad-Rock and Mike D are on their book tour right now.