Tyler, The Creator – “I Am The Grinch” (Feat. Fletcher Jones)

Tyler, The Creator has a couple songs on the soundtrack from the new CGI Grinch reboot, for which Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing the title character. Last month we heard Tyler and Danny Elfman’s cover of the classic “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch,” which was not good. Much more entertaining is his original contribution to the soundtrack, which is out today along with the rest of the album.

“I’m The Grinch” sounds like it could be on any of Tyler’s late-career records, the ones where he weighted his sound more heavily toward zonked-out future-funk and eased up on the punk-rock spirit and horrorcore aesthetics impulses that defined his earlier work. It’s a hallucinogenic synth world powered by hiccuping production that shows off Tyler’s well-known Pharrell worship in a good way.

The song also features Fletcher Jones, which I assume means the English songwriting team Fletcher-Jones and not one of the two long-dead entrepreneurs with that name. Listen below.

The Grinch is in theaters today, and its soundtrack is out now on Columbia.