Hannah Diamond – “True”

Hannah Diamond – “True”

For a while there, Hannah Diamond was PC Music’s calling card, but she receded into the background in recent years as A.G. Cook and Danny L Harle rose to prominence through their many collaborations with Charli XCX. But Diamond is officially back with a new song, “True,” her first proper single in almost two years. (Last December, she released the very good Soon I Won’t See You At All mix.)

A promise of a full-length from Diamond always lingered in the background through her sporadic run of singles, from “Attachment” to “Hi,” but it never materialized. Now, it seems as though she’s finally ready. A press release says that a 10-track album, Reflections, is due out next year.

The new song is a mournful, digitized ballad about a love that wasn’t meant to be. “I look in your eyes/ I see right through/ I know that you’ve sound someone new,” Diamond sings. “Why would you lie? What should I do? Now I know it’s not true.”

Here’s what she said about “True”:

‘True’ is like the ultimate emo HD power ballad…it’s really about the fantasy of my last single “Make Believe” crumbling before my eyes and the realisation that this thing that I thought was true love really wasn’t what I was projecting it to be in my mind. It’s about being disappointed in someone else’s actions, but also disappointed in yourself for not seeing things for what they truly were. It’s about being able to look at the “Make Believe” era from a distance – I’m in a different place and I’m looking back at it like I’m a different person to who I was back then.

Listen below.

“True” is out now via PC Music.

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