Natalie Portman Sings Sia & Greg Kurstin’s “Wrapped Up” In New Vox Lux Trailer

In a couple weeks, Vox Lux will be in theaters nationwide. The film, which seems like a twisted dark-timeline version of A Star Is Born, stars Natalie Portman as the adult version of a pop star that became famous as a teenager in the wake of a school shooting. Last month, we got its first trailer, and today a second trailer has been released featuring one of the original songs that were written for the movie by Sia and Greg Kurstin.

This one’s called “Wrapped Up,” and we follow Portman’s character Celeste as she sings it at a vigil as a teenager (played by Raffey Cassidy) through to when she’s performing it in a crazy outfit in a stadium.

Check it out below.

Vox Lux hits theaters in New York and LA on 12/7. It’ll be nationwide on 12/14.