Bruce Springsteen Releases Statement Denying 2019 Tour Rumors

A Bruce Springsteen live show with the E Street Band is a powerful, overwhelming, life-affirming thing. Well into his late 60s, Springsteen still plays sweaty, energetic marathon shows, diving into crowds and howling at the top of his lungs. Or at least, Springsteen was doing that until recently. And he’s not going to start doing it again for at least another year.

For the past year-plus, Springsteen has been playing a hugely successful run of mostly-solo-acoustic Broadway shows. (The Netflix-special version comes out in a couple of weeks.) By all accounts, those shows have been stunning. And they must’ve also been relatively easy on Springsteen himself; after all, he doesn’t have to travel or work himself into a dripping lather every night. Now that the Broadway run is wrapping up, there have been persistent rumors that Springsteen might fire up his old band again. (He hasn’t played an E Street Band show since February 2017.) Not so fast, says Springsteen.

On his website, Springsteen has issued this statement:

Just a note to quell some of the rumors over here on E Street. While we hope to be back with you soon, the E Street Band won’t be touring in 2019. Before I go back to my day job, the year will be consumed with a break after our Broadway run and various recording projects I’ve been working on. We do hope to see you soon, and until then, we have some mighty E Streeters out there regularly performing with their own projects who’d love and deserve your support. All love and Happy Holidays!

His day job! Imagine the level of cardio training that must go into one of those E Street Band tours. Imagine how that guy feels when he leaves the stage every night. It must be amazing, but if I were him, I wouldn’t rush back into anything, either.