Ecostrike – “Another Promise” & “Flame Still Burns” (Youth Of Today Cover)

Ecostrike come from South Florida, and they play a satisfyingly primal version of ’90s chugga-chugga hardcore. As you’ve probably already guessed from the band name, they come from the vegan straight-edge wing of hardcore, and they know how to use the tools of their forebears — breakdowns, gang-chant vocals, righteous-yell vocals. This stuff, when it’s done right, always hits me right in the gut. Ecostrike released their Voice Of Strength album last year, and they’ve just followed it up with a new 7″ that pairs the fuck-you-up original “Another Promise” with a cover of “Flame Still Burns,” a 1988 classic from Connecticut trailblazers Youth Of Today. Check it out below.

“Another Promise” is out now on Triple B.