Juliana Hatfield – “Lost Ship” Video

Juliana Hatfield is having a very productive couple of years. The alt-rock icon already released the full-length covers album Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John back in April, and in October she returned with the lead single from a new album of originals — all this after releasing the political LP Pussycat in 2017. The new one, Weird, is out in January, and today we hear its second single following the previously released “It’s So Weird.”

“Lost Ship” is a measured groove marked by bursts of piercing lead guitar that lives up to Hatfield’s description of herself as “a malfunctioning machine.” With a vocal melody that reminds me of Tiny Music-era Scott Weiland — and I hope you know I mean that as a compliment — she sings, “I wanna ride on the spaceship in my mind and tread and send emotion.” Director Rachel Lichtman’s video includes lots of badass shots of Hatfield against a backdrop of industrial architecture and open sky. It’s a good video for a good song.

Watch below.

Weird is out 1/18 on American Laundromat. Pre-order it here, and revisit our feature on the Boston rock scene Hatfield here.