Palehound, Sidney Gish, Worriers, & More Cover Magnetic Fields On You Can Sing Me Anything: A Tribute To 69 Love Songs

69 Love Songs is ambitious all by itself. A few dozen songs from anyone would be a significant feat no matter what, but part of why Stephin Merritt has become a touchstone for many artists and endured for so long is because he writes at a humungous volume but makes it look easy. And best of all, pretty much every song is great. Merritt’s done a few wide-ranging songwriting projects with the Magnetic Fields over the years, most recently last year’s 50 Song Memoir, but 69 Love Songs has stood the test of time.

It turns 20 next year and to celebrate it, a few dozen artists got together to each cover a song from the album. It’s a treasure trove of good artists and good takes on the tracks, including familiar names like Illuminati Hotties, Palehound, Sidney Gish, Worriers, Fern Mayo, Human People, and Thelma, and a lot of less familiar ones as well.

The compilation is a benefit for No More Dysphoria, a nonprofit organization that helps transgender individuals to pay for transition expenses, so throw it some money right over here and you can also sample the tracks below.

You Can Sing Me Anything: A Tribute To 69 Love Songs is out now via Living Statue Records. You can purchase it here.