Rosalía Hit The Studio With Oneohtrix Point Never

The artists behind two of 2018’s best albums are working on music together.

This fall, Barcelona-based singer Rosalía gave us the futuristic Flamenco masterpiece El Mal Querer, an album so spectacular that I wish I’d voted it even higher on our year-end list. A few months earlier, Oneohtrix Point Never unveiled Age Of, another fascinating and rewarding step in a career full of them, which found Daniel Lopatin pushing his experimental electronic composition into ever poppier realms. The thought of these two musicians joining forces is intriguing, and it looks like they’re doing just that.

Rosalía posted a pair of photos from the studio yesterday, and one of them finds her posing and smiling with Lopatin. It’s unclear how many songs they’re working on together, but an album combining their powers would have certainly ranked highly on our most anticipated list. Even if it’s just one song, it’s fun to think about what Rosalía might sound like if you subbed out El Guincho’s contributions to El Mal Querer for Lopatin’s queasy postmodern approach.

Check out the studio pics below and let your imagination run wild.

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