Grimes – “We Appreciate Power (Nightcore Remix)”

Late last year, Grimes released “We Appreciate Power,” the first single from her follow-up album to 2015’s Art Angels. Since then, she’s gotten into a fight with her former collaborator Poppy, performed on The Tonight Show, and gotten more involved in Elon Musk’s Tesla dealings than anyone would’ve guessed when “Oblivion” came out six years ago.

Today she’s back to the music, though, with an official nightcore remix of “We Appreciate Power.” Nightcore, if you don’t know, is a very popular subgenre of remix that mostly lives on YouTube and primarily consists of sped-up versions of existing tracks. Grimes has been teasing the remix for a couple days now, and now it actually exists.

Honestly? Better than the original. Check it out below.

Grimes’ new album is due out later this year, as long as she takes a break from her fantasy novel:

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