Stream Tørsö’s New EP Build And Break

Around Christmas, the Bay Area hardcore powerhouse Tørsö released “Grab A Shovel,” the lead single from a new EP recorded by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock). Last Friday, we named “Grab A Shovel” one of the best songs released over the holiday break. And today, the full EP is out, bringing with it three more equally exhilarating expulsions of anger.

With four tracks each under two minutes, it doesn’t take long to burn through the entirety of Build And Break. It’s mostly rapid-fire d-beat fare that lives up to its title, lead vocalist Mae spewing bile at others (“You tried to break me, but I was never fixed!”) and herself (“I don’t need more time to self-reflect! All I do is lose self-respect!”) It’ll whisk you away at unsafe speeds and leave you reeling.

Stream the full EP below.

Build And Break is out now. Purchase it here.