H.C. McEntire – “Houses Of The Holy” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

H.C. McEntire – “Houses Of The Holy” (Led Zeppelin Cover)

It takes a certain sense of courage to cover a Led Zeppelin song, and it takes a whole new level of courage to cover a Led Zeppelin song and reshape it completely. So H.C. McEntire is a brave person. And what she’s done with Zeppelin’s “Houses Of The Holy” is just lovely.

In its original form, Houses Of The Holy is a classic Led Zep sex-plea, with Robert Plant howling over wanting to take you to the movies over a jabbing, weirdly funky Jimmy Page blues-rock riff. Zeppelin included the song on 1975’s Physical Graffiti, not on 1973’s Houses Of The Holy. (They’d originally written the song for Houses Of They Holy, but they decided that it didn’t work within the context of the album, even though they kept the title. Led Zeppelin did not live by your rules.)

McEntire, leader of the North Carolina country-rock band Mount Moriah, released the gorgeous solo debut LIONHEART last year. She’s released her “Houses Of The Holy” as one-off. Her take on the song is a warm, folky acoustic ramble, and it’s beautiful. Listen to McEntire’s cover and Zeppelin’s original below.

You can buy McEntire’s cover at Bandcamp.

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