Courtney Love Revives Feud With Bikini Kill

One of the weirdest, most dispiriting, most one-sided ’90s alt-rock feuds is back, baby! Onetime Hole frontwoman Courtney Love always had problems for Bikini Kill leader Kathleen Hanna. There was a famous incident backstage at Lollapalooza ’95’s Seattle-area stop, where Love reportedly punched Hanna in the face, though her Hole bandmates claim that Love merely threw candy at Hanna. (Hanna filed a police report.) Hole’s 1994 song “Rock Star” is widely regarded as a shot at Hanna and the riot-grrrl scene that she represented: “Well I went to school in Olympia / Everyone’s the same / And so are you, in Olympia.” And now Love would like us to know that she’s still not cool with Bikini Kill.

Last week, we got the exciting news that Bikini Kill were reuniting for a few shows in New York and Los Angeles. And as Pitchfork points out, Love left a couple of comments on Bust magazine’s Instagram post about the reunion. The Bust post suggested, “let’s chant for them to add a few more shows.” Love responded, “Speak for yourself. Biggest hoax in history of rock and roll .”

Another Instagram commenter responded to Love, writing that she “actually offend a person and they will implode.” Love again responded with this: “It’s worse when I speak truth to rock male industrial complex . But at least I have the best view . Two of that band total amateurs . Hanna is a good hype man . But her persona is such a diy nonsense dilettante. A big idea they cannot convey , because they suck . That’s all ! Back to Paris couture , because frocks don’t trigger me . Ce vai !”