Stella Donnelly – “Lunch” Video

Back in 2017, the Australian singer and songwriter Stella Donnelly impressed the hell out of us with her Thrush Metal EP. And this month, she impressed even more of us with the tough take-no-shit jam “Old Man,” the first single from her forthcoming full-length debut Beware Of The Dogs. That album is arriving in a little more than a month, and it’s a good reason to get excited. For further evidence of this, consult Donnelly’s new song “Lunch.”

“Lunch” is a gorgeous and thoughtful song about the weird disconnect that can come when you live the rootless life of a touring musician: “You’ve got plots and persuasions and time to explain / But I’ve only got time for lunch / And I get homesick before I go away.” Donnelly also shot a video for the song, a grainy vintage-camcorder document of her friends fucking around. Here it is:

In a press release, Donnelly had this to say about the song:

This is my favourite song on the record. It was a massive team effort the night before I flew away on tour. A song that was only ever meant to be played on a single guitar and sung turned out to be the most intricate and textured piece of music I’ve ever produced. I wrote this about the feeling of displacement I get when I go on tour and come back and nothing feels the same. There’s a disconnect there.

Beware Of The Dogs is out 3/8 on Secretly Canadian.