The Curls – “Isn’t It Funny” (Feat. Sophagus)

Chicago psych-rock enthusiasts the Curls have released “Isn’t It Funny,” the lead single from their upcoming album Bounce House. This will be the group’s first full-length release since 2017’s Super Unit. However, the band did drop a couple one-off singles last year including “Tidal Wave” and last September’s “Bad Boi.”

This new track has a funky and jazz-infused flare. The sextet keeps with the psychedelic theme, as the lead riff has this particular duality that feels both like a corkscrew and a phrase you could have heard in a dream. Punchy drums and synths push the song forward, and this combo proves to be super rewarding once the buttery saxophone solo kicks off.

The chorus takes the shape of something like a call and response. One voice iterates “I give it all away” while the next responds with says “You got nothing to give.” The music mirrors those words, seemingly taking a little bit more than it’s giving.

Listen to “Isn’t It Funny” below.

Bounce House is out in April on Diversion Records.