Broken Social Scene – “Boyfriends” Video

Last month, Broken Social Scene announced their new Let’s Try The After – Vol. 1 EP, which seems to indicate that they are fully, officially back following their 2017 comeback album Hug Of Thunder. The Canadian collective has already shared “All I Want” from it, and today they’re sharing another track from it, “Boyfriends,” just a day before the EP is released in full.

This one’s your standard BSS squaller, a rumination on nostalgia and staying young that builds to some screaming, swallowed-up vocals at the conclusion. “Let’s get you out of here/ There’s no need my dear,” goes the chorus, with a lot of verses about broken promises and let-down expectations. It comes with a video made up entirely of GIFs. Technology!

In honor of Valentine’s Day the band has also made a website to send some e-cards featuring lyrics from the song to whoever you want. Quick, what’s Lorde’s email?

Check out the new song below.

Let’s Try The After – Vol. 1 is out 2/15 on Arts & Crafts.