Low Life – “Lust Forevermore”

New-wavey Sydney punks Low Life first previewed their new album Downer Edn with last month’s gleaming, churlish “The Pitts.” They’re back today with another winner called “Lust Forevermore.”

This one’s on the prettier side of Low Life’s discography, with the band concocting a graceful post-punk sweep and Mitch Tolman scaling back the growl in his voice to more of a zoned-out singsong. Even that big pop chorus is still plenty foreboding, though. By the end, Tolman is channeling some combination of muted enthusiasm and dread into cries of “Lust forever, lust forever!” It’s a hell of a way to end a song.

Hear it play out below.

Downer Edn is out 3/15 on Goner/Alter/Cool Death. Pre-order it here.

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