Stream Wild Pink’s 5 Songs EP

Stream Wild Pink’s 5 Songs EP

Wild Pink blew our socks off with Yolk In The Fur last year, so much so that it became one of our favorite albums of 2018. The panoramic rock act is out now with a new EP titled 5 Songs, which includes three remixes of tracks that were on Yolk In The Fur, as well as two new songs that were recorded during the same timeframe.

When we talked with frontman John Ross last year before the release of Yolk In The Fur, it appeared that he was unsure of what was to come – a sentiment so clearly illustrated by the last line on the album: “I don’t know what happens next.” But these two new tracks, “Coaches Who Cry” and “How’s The Tap Here,” are subtly masterful enough to suggest big things are on the horizon for this band.

There’s a fine line between healthy nostalgia and delusional idealism, and Ross continues to take this in stride. Even as the lyrics seem to spiral around the initial event that inspired them, the linearity of his thought progression roots itself in the musicality. The swirling guitars bloom in a way that makes the listener comfortable with a level of reflection that might otherwise seem off-putting or indulgent. This, in combination with the soft and whisper-like tone that Ross has been able to perfect, keep drawing us in like moths to a porch light.

Stream the EP below.

5 Songs is out now on Tiny Engine Records.

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