The Faint – “Quench The Flame”

Way the hell back in 2001, Omaha synth-punks the Faint played one of the most exciting live shows I have ever seen at the Brooklyn venue formerly known as Northsix. (It’s the Music Hall Of Williamsburg now.) The Faint were some wild-ass wraiths, throwing themselves all around a stage that had been utterly enveloped in dry-ice clouds, bashing out sleekly gothy electro-brood with basement-hardcore intensity. And the entire crowd in the room that night was there to dance. That night, I left the show with my head spinning. And it brings me no small level of joy that the Faint are still kicking and, according to recent reports, still wrecking shit onstage.

The Faint haven’t released an album since 2014’s Doom Abuse, and frontman Todd Fink has been busy with CLOSENESS, the side-project duo that he started with his wife, Azure Ray’s Orenda Fink. But later this week, the Faint will return with the new album Egowerk, and guess what! It fucking rules!

We’ve already posted early single “Chameleon Nights,” and I can now report that all of Egowerk is full of the sort of bleak, merciless, physical synthpop that the Faint were making back when I saw them all those years ago. They still play with a vengeful sort of fervor, and they still have hooks. For evidence, please consult the new track “Quench The Flame,” which you can hear below, via Brooklyn Vegan.

Egowerk is out 3/15 on Saddle Creek.

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