Mitski – “Let’s Get Married” (Bleachers Cover)

Last year, Jack Antonoff announced that throughout 2019 he’d be releasing Terrible Thrills Vol. 3, the latest iteration of his efforts to put out cover albums of his Bleachers LPs at the end of every era. In 2019, he’ll put out a series of 7″s featuring songs from 2017’s Gone Now covered by Mitski, Julien Baker, MUNA, and Ani DiFranco.

The songs will officially only exist on vinyl, with no digital release plans, but Antonoff is fine with having the songs put out through other means. “the vinyl will never be repressed but feel free to share the music online,” he wrote in a tweet. “i love these recordings and want them to be passed around.”

The first 7″ was recently shipped, and it features Mitski covering “Let’s Get Married,” as well as a new Bleachers track called “Mickey Mantle Comes Alive.” “mitski’s version of let’s get married is how it sounded when i first wrote it. drums and big production came later,” Antonoff said in a tweet.

You can download an mp3 (very 2010!) of Mitski’s cover of “Let’s Get Married” here.

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