Frankie Cosmos – “February” & “In The World”

Last week, Frankie Cosmos announced that they’d be releasing a digital-only collection of songs called Haunted Items, doled out a few at a time over the next month. We’ve heard two tracks from the project already, and today we get to hear two more. “February” and “In The World” come from the same Chicago recording sessions as the rest, which Greta Kline received as a gift last year.

They’re both spare and interior, little more than Kline’s melodies and a piano, but Kline does a lot with that, especially on the stark “February” where she abstractly reflects on misguided promises: “I do, I do, marry you/ I did, I did, but I was just a kid,” she sings. On “In The World,” she bluntly puts it: “Love is crazy and I didn’t know/ How much it made me lose my mind for you.”

Listen to both below.

“February” and “In The World” are out now via Sub Pop.