Pure Bathing Culture – “Ad Victoriam”

Portland synth-pop outfit Pure Bathing Culture are about a month away from releasing their third studio album, Night Pass. Not long ago, band members Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman shared their first single, an ode to perseverance, with “Devotion.” Now, the duo are continuing their album rollout with the next gleaming Night Pass track, “Ad Victoriam.”

Glitzy ‘80s keyboards and Cocteau Twins-esque guitar belie a distinctly medieval-inflected tale that Versprille invokes. “Come kings come casting/Come hearts of peridot/Come cast into the stone,” she commands. “Ad Victoriam”’s stark dualites convene into an unexpected, rapturous piece of synth-pop.

Listen below.

Night Pass is out 4/26 via Infinite Companion. Pre-order it here.