CHAI – “Curly Adventure” Video

Earlier this month, the Japanese band CHAI came ripping through with their new album PUNK, a supremely strange and singular collection of DIY pop songs. The title is a bit of a red herring, though the album does represent some idea of punk rock, or of what punk rock can be. But it also interrogates the entire idea of cuteness, both in what it means and how it’s used. And that’s also what happens in the band’s new video for the album track “Curly Adventure.”

The LA-based animator Sean Solomon directed the cartoon video for “Curly Adventure,” using character designs from band member and visual director Yuuki. In the video, Solomon takes off running with the bright, simplistic style of the PUNK album cover. Cartoon versions of the band members appear in the video, and they look something like Peanuts characters, or like toons from the hyper-stylized Hannah-Barbera shows of the ’70s. They even do a synchronized dance, which is pretty great. But the main storyline seems to involve a character — Curly, I’m guessing — who goes off on a voyage that eventually takes her into space.

There’s also some nudity? And some anthropomorphic dumplings that float in mid-air, waiting to be eaten? And an undersea teddybear rescue operation? It’s weird! You can watch it below.

PUNK is out now on Burger Records. Check also the band’s video for “CHOOSE GO!