Hideout – “Next Time I See You”

Hideout are a psych-pop duo from NYC comprising songwriters Gabriel Rodriguez and Scarlett Stephenson-Connolly. The group originally included drummer Cory Stier, Rodriguez’s bandmate in Cults. In 2017 Hideout released their second LP, So Many Hoops/So Little Time, which featured vocals from Stephenson-Connolly. Last October, we premiered a video for the song “Picture Falling,” the first track from Hideout’s current lineup. It appears that she’s joined the band full-time, and now the two are releasing a new song called “Next Time I See You.”

This track is another summery jam with a more acoustic sensibility, featuring twinkling guitars and a bouncing drum line. The psychedelic influences manifest in a swirling and blooming sound throughout, coiling the air as it moves from line to line. A revving riff in the chorus is accented by electric trills and the verses take a call-and-response type structure. Stephenson-Connolly’s vocals are warm and sunny, backing Rodriguez’s more rough and as a matter of fact utterances.

Listen to “Next Time I See You” below.

“Next Time I See You” is out now on Thrill Me Records.