Alex Lahey – “Am I Doing It Right?”

Alex Lahey – “Am I Doing It Right?”

Melbourne singer-songwriter and Artist To Watch Alex Lahey has a new album out in May on Dead Oceans. Called The Best Of Luck Club, it was partially inspired by the hospitality she found in Nashville’s dive bar scene. Her last full-length was her 2017 debut I Love You Like A Brother. Earlier, she reintroduced us to her talents for confessional tunes with Best Of Luck’s first single, the saxophone-accented “Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself.” Today, she’s releasing a new one.

The album’s second single “Am I Doing It Right?” continues Lahey’s trend of frank, unabashed, and hook-driven storytelling. “Don’t say that I have nothing to prove/ I stay in every cheap hotel room,” she sings. “You may think that I’ve got nothing to lose/ But am I doing it right when I make everyone move?”

Some background from Lahey herself:

Being a musician is considered a weird job without any explanation necessary, but one of the strangest parts about being a musician is that there is absolutely no set pathway you’re supposed to follow to get where you want to go. This song reflects on being thrust into a lifestyle and going with it while feeling like others are looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing all the right things by you and everyone else. It’s like fighting a losing battle while loving every minute of it.

Listen to “Am I Doing It Right?” below.

The Best Of Luck Club is out 5/17 on Dead Oceans. Pre-order it here.

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