JPEGMAFIA – “The Who” (Feat. Eyas)

“The Who” is JPEGMAFIA’s fantastic new single, a dreamy outtake from last year’s profile-raising Veteran that’s good enough to have been included on the tracklist. The beat reminds me of Radiohead’s floaty “Worrywort” and sounds like it might sample Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker.” What I can definitely confirm is that features a lovely singing interlude from Eyas.

The title derives from Peggy’s boast that “I’ma sell out like the Who,” and although the track is more approachable than some of his noisier work, it makes sense within the appealingly weird sonic universe he has developed. For what it’s worth, he’s definitely making big career moves including a gig at Red Rocks with recent collaborator Flume this summer.

Here’s his statement on the track:

“The Who” is one of the last songs I recorded for Veteran. It didn’t end up on the album, but I always wanted to use it in a creative way because I really enjoy the song. There’s an innocence to it that I hope is relatable to people. I made the beat naked.

Listen below.

“The Who” is out now on IHEARTCOMIX as part of the IHC 1NFINITY series. Buy it here.