Drowse – “Between Fence Posts”

Drowse, the pseudonym of Portland-based musician Kyle Bates, has released a new song today titled “Between Fence Posts,” the lead single from a new album called Light Mirror.

The new release is a rapid follow-up to Drowse’s 2018 LP Cold Air. Compared to that album’s advance single “Klonopin,” “Between Fence Posts” is a little more mellow, and the instrumentation builds up quite magnificently. Swirling atmospheric pads envelop most of the legible melody, guided by haunting and breathy vocals. As the tone rises, a shiny string-like accompaniment elevates the space and air even more. When arriving at the final summit, a subtle pulsating tone takes over before collapsing in on the arpeggiated guitar tone.

Listen to “Between Fence Posts” below.


01 Imposter Syndrome
02 Between Fence Posts
03 Shower Pt. 2
04 Bipolar 1
05 Physical World
06 A Song I Made in 2001 With My Friend Who is Now Dead
07 Arrow
08 Oslo
09 Internal World
10 Betty
11 “Don’t Scratch the Wound”

Light Mirror is out 6/7 via The Flenser. Pre-order it here.

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