Lydia Ainsworth – “Diamonds Cutting Diamonds”

Art-pop experimentalist Lydia Ainsworth is about to follow up her 2017 album Darling Of The Afterglow with a new one called Phantom Forest. We’ve heard two songs so far, “Can You Find Her Place” and “Tell Me I Exist,” and today she’s sharing the synth-streaked album opener “Diamonds Cutting Diamonds.”

Ainsworth says that she sees Phantom Forest as “a play taking place in Mother Nature’s vanishing home,” and on “Diamonds Cutting Diamonds,” she sings from the perspective of the play’s Greek Chorus. “The Greek Chorus sets the scene, narrating and offering direction on how to enter Phantom Forest,” she explains. “It’s my hope that the listener will imagine the narration to be directed to them as well, as they begin the journey of the album.” Listen.

Phantom Forest is out 5/10. You can pre-order the album here.