Future Teens – “Emotional Bachelor”

In 2017, Future Teens released their debut album, Hard Feelings, a winning collection of downbeat rock songs that were sharp and incisive. The Boston-based group — who also organized that Carly Rae Jepsen covers comp from last fall — are putting out a new album later this year, and today they’re sharing a new track called “Emotional Bachelor.”

The band’s dual vocalists Amy Hoffman and Daniel Radin each get a verse, reflecting on flings that fell apart to immaturity and lack of interest. Both make pledges to try and do better, to quit hooking up with people they don’t like that much and to stop spiraling so hard that you feel emotionally bankrupt the next morning.

But they come together in the chorus, painfully awkward and earnestly sincere, drunkenly desperate for the connection that they’re fleeing in the daylight hours. “So I think of a way/ To get back in touch,” they sing. “But it’s 3AM/ I asked if you want to get lunch.”

The song comes attached to a lyric video, directed by Mike Suchmann, with the words rendered through frantically flying text messages. Listen below.

Future Teens’ new album is out via Triple Crown Records & Take This To Heart Records later this year.

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