Logic And Eminem’s New Song “Homicide” Samples Chris D’Elia’s Eminem Impression

Today, Logic and Eminem, our two leading vein-bulging rappity-rappers, have come out with their a new collaboration. They’ve been teasing the new track “Homicide” for a while, and the final product sounds about what you’d expect: A whole lot of blurry Micro Machines ratatat rapping over a beat that sounds like a spooky scene from a Nickelodeon cartoon. Logic spends about one bar rapping in Auto-Tune to make fun of Auto-Tune rappers. Eminem promises to hit us with so many foul lines that we’ll think he’s a free throw. You already know the drill.

As a song, it’s not much. As a pure athletic exercise, it’s kind of impressive, the same way it’s kind of impressive when you turn on a strongman competition and watch a guy pull a truck with his teeth. You’re not sure why he’s pulling that truck, other to show that he can do it. It serves no real artistic function for him to pull this truck. But he’s pulling it, and you can’t do that, and so you have to respect it on a certain level. That’s “Homicide.” (“Homicide” is reportedly the first single from Logic’s next album Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. That’ll be Logic’s straight-up album, not his goofy side-project album, so he presumably won’t be busting out his Mac DeMarco impression.)

But there is one moment on “Homicide” that’s pretty surprising. As the song comes to an end, we hear a familiar voice rasping about how he’s planning to do all this while you’re panicking and you’re looking and staring at mannequins. That’s the comedian Chris D’Elia, a guy who’s been on a bunch of sitcoms, and it’s sampled from a viral Eminem impression that he did last year. D’Elia filmed himself while driving and using that strained Eminem voice to rap gibberish about how he’s on torrent, driving a Porsche over the floorboards. It was fucking hilarious, and somehow it has not stopped being funny. The mere fact of this appearing on an Eminem track is weirdly encouraging. Check out “Homicide” and the original D’Elia video below.

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind is coming out sometime soon. You’re using way too many napkins.