Logic – “Probably Gonna Rock Your World” & “Vacation From Myself” (Prod. Mac DeMarco)

Logic – “Probably Gonna Rock Your World” & “Vacation From Myself” (Prod. Mac DeMarco)

Logic wrote a book. Today, the hyper-wordy Maryland rapper publishes Supermarket, his debut novel. It’s apparently a psychological thriller about a guy named Flynn who finds himself a job at a supermarket. And today, Logic has also surprise-released a new LP that’s also called Supermarket. He says it’s the soundtrack to his book. And that soundtrack includes a couple of tracks produced by Mac DeMarco. Given that Logic has a Mac DeMarco tattoo, I guess this makes as much sense as anything else.

DeMarco, as Pitchfork points out, handles production on the tracks “Probably Gonna Rock Your World” and “Vacation From Myself.” They both sound like Mac DeMarco songs. Logic doesn’t rap on either of them. Instead, he croons over hazy, oblique sunshine pop, exactly the same way Mac DeMarco would do. So, if I’m understanding this right: Logic basically hired Mac DeMarco to help him make some Mac DeMarco songs.

“Probably Gonna Rock Your World” and “Vacation From Myself” appear back-to-back on Supermarket, and DeMarco is the only big-name collaborator who appears on the album. Logic produced or co-produced most of the album’s tracks. And I am crushed to report that it opens with a song called “Bohemian Trapsody.” Go ahead and listen to those Mac tracks below.

Supermarket is out now on Def Jam. And if you really want to read Logic’s book, that’s out today, too.

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