Gazm – “Deadbolt” & “Space Truckin'”

The Montreal band Gazm are extremely good at making grimy, feral old-school hardcore. They can play fast and urgent, and they can also rip you up with a mosh-part breakdown. In interviews, the members of the band say their lyrics are mostly about being disgruntled with the current state of hardcore, but they also show, by example, how hardcore can fucking rule when you do it right.

Last year, Gazm were one of four bands to contribute multiple songs to the international-underground compilation Infection 1. And No Echo reports that they’ll release a full-length album called Heavy Vibe Music later this month. Today, they’ve shared a new two-song single that shows two very different sides of the band. “Deadbolt” is a straight-up hardcore sprint. But “Space Truckin'” is a joke song that still kind of rules, a ’70s-style riff-rock jam sung in a fake Southern accent. (Somehow, it is not a Deep Purple cover.) “Deadbolt” is probably the better song, but “Space Truckin'” is the one that shows that Gazm could do Sheer Mag-type stuff if they wanted. Check out both tracks below.

I missed this when it came out, but Gazm also shared a new song called “Put The Pedal Down” last month, and it’s them on their hardcore-ripper shit, with some ugly/misanthropic ’90s noise-rock scuzz added on. Here’s that, via No Echo:

Heavy Vibe Music is out 5/31 on 11PM Records.

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