Sinkane – “Ya Sudan” Video

Psych-rock and Sudanese folk artist Sinkane, born Ahmed Gallab, has been celebrating togetherness and identity on the singles for his upcoming album Dépaysé. The lead single, “Everybody,” was an anthem for humanity and solidarity. The title track was an ode to the artist’s dual Sudanese-American identities. Today, Gallab has shared a new song and video that honors his country of origin, Sudan.

The video for “Ya Sudan” is bright, colorful and jubilant. Intimate family photos are dispersed among animated ’60s-style backdrops and vinyl record covers. “I think of all the people I keep beside me/ The ones who came before and fell underneath,” he sings. “The ones I know who watch over me.” Despite contending with an imperfect present day, Gallab repeats a joyful rallying cry, “Ya Sudan!”

Gallab contextualizes the message of “Ya Sudan” in a press release:

I am so inspired by how the recent uprising in Sudan has unified Sudanese people all over the world. I feel like we are truly understanding our identity. It feels inclusive and welcoming… This song is for the Kandakas who have been at the forefront of toppling Omar El-Bashir. And the strong men and children who stand beside them. And all of us outside of Sudan standing together showing the world our resilience. There is no better time than now to be Sudanese.

Watch “Ya Sudan” below.

Dépaysé is out 5/31 on City Slang. Pre-order it here.

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