ILOVEMAKONNEN – “Drunk On Saturday”

ILOVEMAKONNEN has kept up a steady drip of material, including last year’s iLoveAmerica EP and some posthumous collaborations with Lil Peep. But it’s been a bit since his last “proper” release. At the top of this year, he put out “Spendin,” a new solo track featuring Gucci Mane, and today he’s announcing his M3 EP, which also includes that track.

He’s sharing a new song that’ll go on it, too, called “Drunk On Saturday,” a much more responsible night to get lit than on a Tuesday. But the song is anything but light, instead opting for a dark and desperate plea on the hook about being sad and alone and fucked up out of your mind.

Listen to it below.

01 “Liquid Supply Daily”
02 “I’m Not Ok”
03 “Drunk On Saturday”
04 “Shoot Shoot”
05 “Money Fiend”
06 “Spending” (Feat. Gucci Mane)

The M3 EP is out 6/21 via Warner Bros.