Threatin’s Former Bandmates Sued Him And Won

Remember Threatin? Late last year, a California metalhead named Jered Eames, aka Threatin, conned his way into booking a European tour by faking a rabid fanbase that never actually existed. Once the elaborate hoax was discovered, the bandmates he hired to back him up quit and the tour was cancelled. And now, those bandmates have sued him and won.

Metal Sucks reports that former Threatin guitarist Joe Prunera and drummer Dane Davis filed suits against Eames and his wife Kelsey, who assisted him in carrying out his scheme, in smalls claims court in San Bernardino County, California. They sought recovery of money they spent on flights home, living expenses on the road, lost wages, and gear purchased for the tour.

Jered and Kelsey Eames failed to appear in court to defend themselves, resulting in a default judgment against them. Prunera was awarded $10,000, the maximum amount allowable in small claims court, plus $250 in court fees, while Davis was awarded a total of $3975.29. Davis’ mother Debra, who also sued to recover funds she lent her son to book a return flight from Europe when the tour crashed and burned and money she spent to fly herself to Ireland to see him play, was awarded $4035.66 including court fees.

The Eameses continue to ignore all forms of contact, which means the plaintiffs can now turn to freezing of assets or wage garnishment to collect the money owed to them. Threatin, undeterred, is currently seeking a new guitarist for his upcoming UK tour in November. We’ll see how that one goes.

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Who wants to go to London? Threatin is seeking another guitarist for his upcoming tour to the United Kingdom this November. Criteria for auditioning musicians below. Preferred, but not Required: You CANNOT: – Live with your mother – Have more than one lazy eye – Be someone who reads self-help books and think it’s helping – Be someone who says “spoiler alert” while talking about something I don’t care about – Be a vegan – Be someone who thinks high-fiving is ever okay – Have a forehead larger than the rest of your face – Be someone who doesn’t have the webcam on their computer covered with tape – Be from Montana – Be someone that types “u” to replace a three-letter word – Have ever said “lol” out loud – Be someone that describes themselves as a “people person” – Be whiter than me You MUST: – Have proficient guitar skills – Be comfortable being on camera / in front of a film crew – Have a valid passport – Be available for rehearsals in Los Angeles – Be able to understand that some of these requirements may or may not be a joke DM or email: [email protected] for more info.

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