Dumb – “Content Jungle”

Vancouver rock band Dumb are experts of lampooning. Following the playfully accusatory “Beef Hits” and the nightlife-critical title track from their upcoming album Club Nites, the quartet are sharing a new single that lays out just how entrenched we are in our seas of stimuli.

Lead singer Franco Rosino speak-sing-shouts in the free-floating, scratchy “Content Jungle.” “Something sacred tells me that I know what I should buy,” he sings. “On this endless treadmill running thinking I could fly.”

The band gave KEXP a quote that teeters between poetic and academic:

“Content Jungle” is a yell through the cracks in TV’s hallowed total flow, about being immersed in being talked to but not spoken to..
The pain
O the pain
But O the rigidity in environs the faith in seasons and acquaintances not found irl
The static universe
There for anyone to bob and flow upon and forge an individuality otherwise precluded by one’s social anxiety
WHICH is only further entrenched by endless tv watching and saturation with bit form paradigms of humanity
Also it’s a jungle

Listen below

Club Nites is out 6/7 on Mint Records. Pre-order it here.

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