Marika Hackman – “I’m Not Where You Are” Video

UK singer Marika Hackman has been honing and perfecting her craft over the last few years. The arc from spindly folk songs to laidback rock songs was further realized last month with the release of the confident “I’m Not Where You Are.” In a press release, Hackman said the song, “is about breaking up with people, or self-sabotaging relationships, that feeling of not trusting ones emotions because you can’t seem to get to the same place as the other person.”

Today she is releasing a video for that song, and announcing a new album called Any Human Friend. Directed by Will Hooper, the video is great – and depicts queer love genuinely by illustrating the sometimes frustrating disconnects that occur with any relationship. It does a great job of normalizing queerness in a way that makes me warm and fuzzy, despite it being about the tribulations.

Scenes alternate between Hackman’s lovers angrily throwing her stuff out a window, late night car chats, and a disastrous anniversary brunch. All the while, a deadpan Hackman lip-syncs while the other people are clearly expressive. The phone rings and it’s Cindy, which is a reference to a previous song, “My Lover Cindy.” She lets it go to voicemail. The video ends with her walking down a street covered in a red tomatoey substance — presumably a Bloody Mary — which someone has thrown on her.

Check out the video for “I’m Not Where You Are” below.

01 “Wanderlust”
02 “The One”
03 “All night”
04 “Blow”
05 “I’m Not Where You Are”
06 “Send My Love”
07 “Hand Solo”
08 “Conventional Ride”
09 “Come Undone”
10 “Hold On”
11 “Any Human Friend”

Any Human Friend is out 8/9 via Sub Pop in North and South America, and AMF Records. Pre-order the album here.