The Flaming Lips – “Giant Baby” (Feat. Mick Jones)

The Flaming Lips released their new album King’s Mouth: Music And Songs last month as a Record Store Day exclusive, limited to 4000 gold vinyl copies. But next month, it’s finally getting a full wide release. We’ve already heard one song from it, lead single “All For The Life Of The City.” And now, we’re getting another new track.

Because this is the Flaming Lips, King’s Mouth is a concept album about a giant king who dies protecting his subjects from an avalanche, and they got the Clash’s Mick Jones to narrate it. New song “Giant Baby,” which opens with Jones’ narration, is a planetarium-ready space-pop ballad about, well, a giant baby. Listen to it below.

King’s Mouth is out 7/19.