Thanks For Coming – “Stephen Hawking’s Goldfish Analogy” Video

The Brooklyn-based band Thanks For Coming are releasing a new album, No Problem, in a couple months. It’s an ambitious endeavor, 24 tracks in all, and the Rachel Brown-led project has been sharing songs from it for a little bit now, doling out the first twelve tracks in two separate chunks called Part I: You’re Welcome and Part II: Any Time, with each song getting its own charmingly low-key music video.

We highlighted “Friends Forever” from it a little while back, and today Thanks For Coming are sharing another song, “Stephen Hawking’s Goldfish Analogy.” The theory that’s alluded to in the title is about warped perceptions of the outside world, though Brown turns that point-of-view interior. “It’s inside my head/ It’s everything to me,” they sing. “I can change my thoughts/ But I can’t change what they mean.”

Listen to it, alongside a video directed by Isabella Danzi and Alex Raphael, below

No Problem is out 7/19. Pre-order it here.