Katy Perry – “Never Really Over” Video

Katy Perry has had an interesting last few years of existence within the pop culture machine. In regards to music, there hasn’t been much from her this year aside from “365,” her collaboration with Zedd. The hook and melody seemed like a perfectly constructed chart-grab, and the Black Mirror-inspired video also seemed like it would’ve garnered a little more traction, and yet it flopped pretty hard, as Katy Perry singles are wont to do these days.

Although Perry has successfully remained in public eye despite her hits drying up, I have little hope she can still pull off anything comparable to her early-career glory days. In the almost 11 years since One Of The Boys, which in my opinion was a perfect album, her album rollouts have only gotten cringier, culminating in 2017’s Witness, an album remembered more for its awkward promotional stunts than any of its music.

That’s not stopped Perry. Today she’s sharing a Philippa Price-directed video for her new song “Never Really Over,” and it appears to usher in a less-futuristic visual era. In the video, she sings in the fields of Malibu draped in a flowing dress with crimped hair surrounded by a ton of dancers spinning around her. It’s quite a pivot from Witness and “365,” to say nothing of her bizarre MET Gala appearance a few weeks ago, where she was both a chandelier and a burger at different points throughout the night. I would love a burger-themed era. Or a chandelier era. It’s 2019, anything can happen.

Instead, we get “Never Really Over.” Zedd and Dreamlab produced it, and writing credits are shared by Perry, Zedd, Dan Haywood, Leah Haywood, Dagny, Gino Barletta, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill, and Hayley Warner. Is it any good? Watch below and let us know.

“Never Really Over” is out now on Capitol Records.