Primavera Sound Teases Two New Locations For 2020

This weekend, Barcelona’s Parc del Fòrum will once again host the Primavera Sound Festival. Primavera has been a destination every year since its 2001 inception, and according to my friends who have been, it’s consistently one of the best-booked, best-run, most generally pleasant music festivals in the world — if not the single best, not qualifiers necessary. (This year’s lineup is just a thing of beauty.) In recent years, the Primavera organizers have also booked smaller festivals in Porto, Portugal and in Benidorm, Spain. And now it looks like we’ll get a couple of other Primavera festivals next year, possibly in locations that will be easier to access for those of us who aren’t lucky enough to live in the Mediterranean region.

On their website this morning, Primavera has put up little photos teasing five festivals in 2020. The ones we know are already there: Barcelona, Porto, Benidorm. But there are also two other photos — blurred-out images captioned with question marks. So we are presumably going to get two more Primavera-branded festivals next year. The question is: Where?

Right now, the two leading guesses seem to be London and Los Angeles. One blurry photo looks a bit like the nighttime London skyline, I guess. The other definitely looks like the Hollywood sign. This is awesome news. The whole idea of Barcelona has always been central to the appeal of Primavera, but the idea of not flying across a whole ocean is pretty tempting, too. And these people just straight-up know how to put a music festival together. Even in an ever-more-crowded festival landscape, an American version of Primavera would jump straight to the top of the must list.