Channel Tres – “Sexy Black Timberlake” Video

Channel Tres released his really great self-titled debut EP last year, and he’s following that up this summer with the Black Moses EP. He shared a new single, “Brilliant Nigga,” a couple months back — it made it onto our best songs of the week list — and today the Los Angeles-based musician is releasing “Sexy Black Timberlake,” an undeniable slip and sliding wiggle.

“As a black male, I’ve experienced being vilified or objectified depending on what I was wearing or what I was doing,” he says in a statement. “‘Sexy Black Timberlake’ is me being objectified as a sex object for my skin color. The production was inspired by The Chronic mixed with the west coast dance music I’ve been creating.”

The song comes with a video directed by Ian Goodwin. Watch and listen below.

The Black Moses EP is out 8/2 via Godmode.