Tei Shi – “A Kiss Goodbye”

Cara Stricker

Tei Shi – “A Kiss Goodbye”

Cara Stricker

Tei Shi, aka Colombian-Canadian musician Valerie Teicher, is preparing to drop the follow-up to 2017’s tremendous Crawl Space. We don’t have details on the new LP just yet, but today she’s sharing its lead single, “A Kiss Goodbye.” The track is a breathy retro Brazilian pop exercise transposed into languid modern production. “So I lead with my body/ Follow with my head,” Tei Shi sings. “If you got what you wanted/ Let me walk away.”

In a press release, she elaborates:

This song is about intuition — following my gut and my body more than my head. It’s about learning from love and from giving so much of myself to other people, and coming out of it with a more selfish mindset, to save my love and my nurturing for myself. It’s about figuring out who you are on your own and without someone else defining that for you, through trusting yourself and allowing for the universe, the supernatural, the unexpected to take hold.

Tei Shi also shared some context for the new album, which was inspired by a move from New York to LA:

I felt like I was closing a chapter in my life that was tied up in a lot of negativity, and reconnecting with open space and my own creativity in a way that I hadn’t in a very long time. I was spending so much time in nature and seeing all this beauty in my surroundings, and I felt really inspired to bring that feeling into my music.

Hear “A Kiss Goodbye” below.

In other Tei Shi news, she recently appeared in Blood Orange’s video for “Hope,” a song she guested on alongside Diddy.

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