The Chemical Brothers – “Eve Of Destruction” Video

The Chemical Brothers almost never show up in their own videos, so maybe that’s why they don’t get mentioned often enough on the list of the all-time great music video artists. But they belong on that list. For decades now, the Chems’ thumping, squiggling dance music has worked as a backdrop for some truly memorable visuals. The Chems just released the new album No Geography a couple of months ago, and they’ve already made truly excellent videos for early tracks like “Free Yourself” and “We’ve Got To Try.” And today, they’ve got a new one for “Eve Of Destruction.”

“Eve Of Destruction” has nothing to do with the historically important 1965 Barry McGuire folk-rock hit of the same name. Instead, the hard-thumping track is the opener from No Geography. For its video, regular Chemical Brothers collaborators Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall have come up with a Power Rangers-esque martial-arts battle between a caped, helmeted superhero and a succession of goofy-looking kaiju.

It’s obviously always going to be fun to watch the lady version of Evel Knievel take on a bunch of rubber-suited monsters. But the real joy of the “Eve Of Destruction” video is in the editing. Every drum hit seems to correspond with a kick or a dramatic pose or something. It’s a joy to behold, and you can behold it below.

No Geography is out now on Astralwerks.