Watch Mark Ronson Perform With Lykke Li & Talk About Interning At Rolling Stone On Colbert

Next week, ridiculously handsome man Mark Ronson will release his new album, the collab-heavy emotion-fest Late Night Feelings. And even though nobody expects this new album to have an “Uptown Funk!” on it, Ronson is still in full promo-blitz mode. Last night, he was a guest on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, where he sat for a fun interview and performed the lush, lightly funky Late Night Feelings title track with his collaborator Lykke Li.

First, we should talk about that performance. It’s quite a production. Ronson, Lykke Li, and the backing band (which includes a string quartet) dress in all white and perform in a white-draped stage that seems to have Christmas lights glowing under all the surfaces. Ronson and Lykke Li pull that move where Ronson plays guitar and dances while making extremely close and intense eye contact with the woman singing. (He does the same thing with Lady Gaga whenever he performs with her.) It’s kind of hot! Even though Lykke Li’s partner Jeff Bhasker is Ronson’s friend and collaborator! Or maybe because of that!

During the interview, Ronson told stories about being a 12-year-old intern at Rolling Stone, which I guess is the kind of thing you get to do when your stepdad is the guy from Foreigner. Below, watch the performance and the interview.

Ronson pulled double duty last night, also appearing on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live. He managed not to say anything too scandalous to Cohen, though he did admit that he never needs to hear “Uptown Funk!” again. He also talked about playing Beatles songs when he DJed Paul McCartney’s wedding and revealed that he threw up at Tom Cruise’s wedding. Lots of wedding stories! Watch pieces of that episode below.

Late Night Feelings is out 6/21 on Sony.