Watch Lizzo Pay Tribute To Sister Act 2 At The MTV TV & Movie Awards

This past weekend, Lizzo paid tribute to one iconic ’90s singer and rapper. As Missy Elliott was being inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, Lizzo performed Elliott’s 1997 track “Sock It 2 Me,” with Elliott’s original collaborator Da Brat assisting. And last night, Lizzo did something similar for an entirely different ’90s rapper/singer. This time around, she showed love to Lauryn Hill, though not the Lauryn Hill that most of us probably remember.

Last night, Lizzo performed at the MTV Movie & TV Awards — which is apparently what they’re calling the MTV Movie Awards now. And Lizzo took the opportunity to pay tribute to a universally beloved cinematic classic: Bill Duke’s directorial masterpiece Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit. That movie starred Lauryn Hill, and it came out in 1993 — the year before the Fugees released their debut album Blunted On Reality and five years before Hill found solo stardom. And in her performance last night, Lizzo cast herself in the Lauryn Hill role.

Lizzo performed “Juice,” the first single from her new album Cuz I Love You. And she staged the performance like the big Sister Act 2 climactic scene, complete with the order for her choir of backup dancers to take off their robes. Below, watch Lizzo’s performance and the Sister Act 2 scene that inspired it.

Cuz I Love You is out now on Warner Bros., and “Truth Hurts” just became Lizzo’s first top-20 hit.