Metronomy – “Salted Caramel Ice Cream” Video

A couple of years ago, the slinky and festival-ready UK dance-rockers Metronomy came out with their Summer 08 album. Since then, Metronomy frontman Joe Mount has proven to be an adaptable collaborator. He’s done great work on other artists’ projects, contributing to Robyn’s comeback album Honey and to Jessie Ware’s great 2019 single “Adore You.” And now he’s returning to his main gig, announcing a new Metronomy album that’ll be out later this summer.

Metronomy’s new LP Metronomy Forever is coming out in September. And in announcing the album, they’ve also shared a wonderfully ridiculous video for the breezy, immediate new single “Salted Caramel Ice Cream.” Mount directed the video himself, and it tells a story about a salt miner and an adorable fuzzy-blue-blob monster opening up an ice cream parlor. In so doing, they come into competition with a pair of glowering goths. This turns out to be an origin story of sorts. It’s a genuinely delightful video, and you can check it out below.

A few weeks ago, Metronomy shared another video for another new song. The song is the lightly fuzzy “Lately.” And the video, which Mount again directed, has tiny versions of the members of Metronomy emerging from a cassette tape. Here’s that video:

Metronomy is out 9/13 on Because Music.