Purple Mountains – “Margaritas At The Mall”

Legendary indie-rock singer-songwriter and poet David Berman is about to return with Purple Mountains, the self-titled debut of his new musical project and his first new album since the dissolution of Silver Jews over a decade ago. We’ve already heard two great but distressingly bleak songs, “All My Happiness Is Gone” and “Darkness And Cold.” (Sensing a theme here?) And today, Berman has shared a third track from the LP.

“How long can the world go on under such a subtle god?/ How long can the world go on with no word from god?” Berman sings on the ennui-soaked new song “Margaritas At The Mall,” before concluding, “We’re just drinking margaritas at the mall/ That’s what this stuff adds up to after all.”

Speaking to Exclaim!, he said that the song is about “cosmological disappointment. The world of commerce is a kind of a purgatory itself. The church created the doctrine of purgatory so people could do business. Purgatory really came up with capitalism and allowed people some religious freedom in a certain kind of way because they weren’t completely held back from money-lending or bankers.” Listen below.

Purple Mountains is out 7/12 via Drag City. Pre-order it here.